META Thirdspace 2015
the annual ryerson new media art exhibition


META is an annual exhibition that showcases the production and curatorial thesis work of 4th year new media students from Ryerson. Each year, META provides a platform for displaying emerging artists’ work that combines contemporary art practice with limitless technological innovation.

April 20th - 21st, 2015

Open to Public

99 Gallery

99 Sudbury St, Toronto, ON M6J 3S7

Opening Reception

Monday, April 20th @ 6-11 PM



The emergent nature of new media art practice presents challenges when introducing this type of work to a larger public. In META, we takes on these challenges, breaking through artistic, cultural and technological boundaries. Audiences are invited to perceive new media art in a way that inspires ideas, questions, and revelations about contemporary culture, technology and our future.

Exhibition Aim

This year, the curatorial team has developed a conceptual framework that they believe embodies the experience of new media art. META Thirdspace exhibits selected artworks that include digital or computational components integrated in their process or final product. Thirdspace explores the experience of the body being immersed in this hypothetical space when interacting with the digital artworks. The intersection of objects, information and space invites artists and audiences to question their occupancy of physical and virtual environments in the gallery, and evaluate the impacts of technologies on our post-postmodern society.


Thirdspace signifies the invisible aesthetic of new media artwork that invites audiences into experiential hybrid environments. The amalgamation of physical objects, narrated information and inhabited space mediates the experience through integrated technologies. Blurring the lines between our physical and virtual existences, occupancy of the Third Space impacts our awareness of the surrounding effects on our body and mind, in time and space. Thirdspace is intangible, ephemeral, immersive and transcendental.


The Group of 7

Kathryn Hartog

Tell Me About Your Mother, 2015

Finlay McEwan

Tableau, 2015

Katrina Persson-Thomas

I'd Completely Forgotten About You, 2015

Ian Sero

Galvanic Shock, 2015

Christopher Young

Dive, 2015

Oliver Zhang

In Memoir, 2015

Eric Zdancewicz

warm-up, 2015


The META 2015 curatorial team manages the conceptual framework of the exhibition as well as the marketing and communications of the event.

Karina Nicole

Curator & Exhibition Designer

Raeleen Murugan


Brian Tsang

Graphic Designer

Luke Diamantopoulos

Graphic Designer

Edmond Tse


Zoe Bockasten

Web Designer


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